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Principles and Practice Detail

The Principles and Practice Class is a 60 hour State required class to obtain your Real Estate salesperson license, This course meets the minimum requirements as set forth by the real estate commission.

Our class is designed with 16 separate sections, each section is independent of itself and does not require the learning of other sections. (see the course schedules for specific dates and times). The fee for the class is $495 which includes the books for the class.
Classes are held in the evenings on Monday's and Wednesday's from 6:00pm to 9:45pm.  Currently Being offered online through Zoom on a continuously revolving schedule 

The course is designed with flexibility in mind, you can start with any section and cycle through the next 16 sections and complete the 60 hours required by the state. The typical student can complete the course in 8 weeks by attending 2 classes per week. The flexibility of our schedule allows you to get started any time without waiting for a semester to begin, and for you to work out your own schedule .
You are required to complete the course within one year from your registration date. (a reinstatement fee would apply if you go longer)

You are required to attend all 16 individual sections, once you have completed all 16 sections you need to schedule to take the test for the school, you need to score a 70% or more in order to obtain your certificate. With your certificate you will mail in your registration to the State to schedule the State Exam, once you pass this exam you need to affiliate with a Broker to obtain your salesperson license.

If you are ready to register click on the online registration button and complete the form. On your first day of class come to class 15 mins early let the instructor know it is your first day, and you will get your books and start class.
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05/10/21 to 09/15/21
Night Schedule
09/20/20 to 02/0222
Night Schedule
These are just the current posted schedules.The Class schedule is  ongoing, 
I only post schedules out so far in advance incase a change needs to be made.
Schedules are Subject to change.