Continuing Ed For Real Estate  - Appraisal         
Continuing Education is due on the even-numbered renewal years and must be completed PRIOR to renewing your license in all even-numbered years. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT IT IS THE LICENSEES OBLIGATION TO RETAIN ALL PRINTED CERTIFICATES OF COMPLETION FOR A FOUR YEAR PERIOD, AND PROVIDE THEM TO THE DEPARTMENT, SHOULD YOU RECEIVE AN AUDIT LETTER FROM The ReCommission.
Complete 12 Hours of Continuing Education courses from an approved school. Only courses completed after March 31, 2016 for brokers, and May 31, 2016 for Salespersons will count toward the 2018 requirement (provided the courses were not already applied toward a previous year’s requirement). If you took the 2016 requirements late, you may NOT apply those courses again toward 2018. 
2018 Ce Requirements The courses shall consist of the following: 
1. Three hours of (2018 mandatory course) “Fair Housing Mandatory Course” 2. Nine hours of real estate elective courses
Before April 30, 2016
- 18 Hours of Appraisal approved electives
- 3 Hours CT mandatory Law
- 7 Hours USPSP


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