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What do I need to do to get my Brokers License  in Connecticut:
NEW Broker Requirements became effective 7/1/2016:
  • SUMMARY: This act changes the education requirements for an initial real estate broker licenseSpecifically, it requires a license applicant to successfully complete the following: 
  • 15-hour course in real estate legal compliance and a 
  • 15-hour course in real estate brokerage principles and practices, 
  • The act requires an applicant to also complete two 
  • 15-hour elective courses prescribed by the commission, waived if the applicant has successfully completed at least 20 real estate transactions in the previous five years
  • The act defines a “real estate transaction” as a legal transfer of real property or execution of a lease agreement.
  • unchanged by the act
    an applicant for an initial real estate broker license must also 
    • (1) be at least age 18
    • (2) have a good reputation for honesty, truthfulness, and fair dealing
    • (3) pass a written test
    • (4) have been a licensed real estate salesperson for at least two years under the supervision of a real estate brokerand 
    • (5) successfully complete a 60-hour course in real estate principles and practices approved by the Real Estate CommissionThe commission may approve experience or education equivalent to what the law and the act require.
  • EFFECTIVE DATEJuly 1, 2016  Link to State WebSite

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